WSJ Experience Management Forum

November 1, 2021 | Online
11:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. ET

November 1, 2021 | Online

Event Summary

In-person business is bouncing back, but much of the pandemic-fueled great migration to e-commerce and remote work is here to stay. Join The Wall Street Journal’s Experience Management Forum and hear from leaders across industries who will unpack the learnings from the past year, identify where digital has eclipsed physical and explore the promise of hybrid. Together, we’ll look at it all through the business lens WSJ is known for, providing the trusted insight you need to decide the best path forward for your company and customers.

5 Reasons to Attend

  1. Unpack key business learnings from the pandemic and reopening


  2. Hear from market leaders about the latest thinking on experience management


  3. Take away practical, tactical solutions for handling supply and labor shortages

  4. Discuss challenges and solutions with peers from a wide range of industries

  5. Decide your next move with trusted insights on digital strategy, data and analytics

 2021 Speakers

Marissa Andrada
Marissa Andrada
Chief People Officer
Liraz Margalit
Liraz Margalit
Digital Psychology & Behavioral Design Lecturer
IDC Herzliya
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November 1, 2021

The Psychology of Experience
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Digitization efforts by companies can stumble if they don’t take account of behavioral psychology in their products. Dr. Margalit will demonstrate the pivotal importance of psychology with a series of questions for the audience.

How Covid Changed Consumers
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The global pandemic led to profound shifts in consumer behavior. How should experience professionals adjust?

The Impact of Digitization
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Many companies fast-forwarded their digitization efforts during the pandemic. What has this yielded in terms of data and analytics and what have been the results for customer experience?

In-Person, Virtual or Hybrid?
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Customers have grown used to conducting business virtually, but as we emerge from the pandemic, where will in-person business return, where has virtual won out, and where will hybrid solutions work best?

B2B Meets B2C
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Business-to-business customers have come to expect the same ease and speed of doing business as they would find in the consumer applications they use in their personal lives. How are B2B companies adapting? 

Employee Experience in a Labor-Starved Economy
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Rebounding economies in parts of the world have left companies struggling to fill important roles. How can employee experience play a role in attracting and retaining talent? 

Follow the Money
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Customer experience has been critical to the success of fintech companies in attracting younger investors and savers, with enticements including easy-to-use apps and gamification. What have we learned about wins, pitfalls and lessons for other industries?

Social Media as Customer Service
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As more people shop more often online and through social media, Instagram and WhatsApp have added tools to help companies handle customer service on their platforms. How can companies best answer customers wherever they are, and what are the challenges?

Breakout Sessions
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How to Embed Accessible Design

As companies expand their digital product offerings, how can they reach the widest number of consumers with accessible design


Making Better Use of Data

What have we learned in the pandemic and economic reopening about effective use of data for customer experience?


Communicating CX at the board level

What are the best approaches for experience heads in winning over the board?


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